Tenacres offer a range of exciting clubs and activities both in and after school time. These change termly.

After School Club

We also offer an after school club, which is run by Sneakers Childcare and registered with Ofsted. The club is based at Tenacres.

Your child would be collected from their classroom by a member of Sneakers Childcare staff and will be taken to the club where they can enjoy activities, games, socialising with their friends or get ahead with their homework! Parents can collect their children at the end of the sessions.

For further information please visit the Sneakers website

Art Club

Art Club

Art Club organisers are assisted by students from Arrow Vale Academy.

This pictures shows laminated abstract patterns children made in one of the sessions.

Construction Club

Our after school club is attended by Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children. Each week, the children had the challenge of constructing something for 'Ted', from a chair to a house and a ship to travel into space!


Cooking Club

Our after-school Cooking Club is run for both Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils.

The children have been making lots of different goodies to take home and, hopefully, share with their families. Below are some photographs of the children making a delicious pasta salad and decorating some Christmas fairy cakes - yummy!


Drama Club

In Drama Club, the children practise basic drama techniques and performance skills before pooling their creative ideas. They then support staff in the creation of a script, which is rehearsed and performed to their parents and to the school.

These photographs show the early stages of rehearsals for this year’s extravaganza, entitled 'Strictly Come Tenacres Got T Factor I’m a Child Get Me Out of Here Got to Prance Not on Ice (The Risk Assessment Wouldn’t Allow It)!'.


Football Club

Football Club

Football Club children are trained in various footballing skills, and are prepared for tournaments with other local first schools.

Sewing Club

Sewing club was was attended by both Year 3 and Year 4 children over a period of six weeks.

The children decided themselves that they would like to make puppets so they began by designing it first. They cut out their designs and did most of the sewing themselves, adding detail and decoration to finish. They were all very proud of the finished products.

All children in the club designed and made their own puppets.
Children showed great perseverence in sewing.

They demonstrate great design flair.
A puppet family - 'all my own work'.