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Malvern adventurers

Our Malvern adventurers have had a super first day and night.  The activities continue today and Mrs Walters has said she is proud of everybody.

4 Responses to “Malvern adventurers”

  1. Emma Hill says:

    My son was super excited to go on the Malvern trip, it’s a chance for him and his friends to make even more childhood memories!

  2. Lily Bolton says:

    I really enjoyed Malvern it was so fun to have the time at Malvern I made some new friends in my dorm

    • Ceri Marshall says:

      Hi Lily, thank you for posting on the blog. I am so glad that you enjoyed Malvern. The teachers were impressed with all the children and with Mr Beacham’s behaviour also ;0). Miss Marshall

  3. stan says:

    its stan i was sick in the middle of it but it was amazing

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