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A massive congratulations to Pickle for becoming a mummy to 8 puppies! Pickle is the proud mummy of six boys and two girls.  Mick, Jo and their family have been on 24 hour duty since the early hours of Tuesday morning when the first puppy was born and continue the ‘around the clock’ care.  I know they are all extremely overwhelmed just how amazing Pickle has been throughout the whole process, including the last minute visit to the vets the other day and how she has taken to her new role amazingly well.  Pickle is eating, drinking and is able to move around again following all this week.  The puppies are enjoying snuggling in to their mummy.

Pickle and her puppies have to remain inside for the next few weeks and we will continue to share the progress of all with some more photographs also.

I know Mick and Jo want to pass on their thanks for all the concern and well wishes that our parent/carers and the children have shown.